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The Beatles “Magical Mystery Tour”

This record sounded fresher to me than the other two, just now, maybe because I’ve always avoided this one. There’s this fantastic song called “Penny Lane” that I’ve never heard before. I’m kidding. I think what I like about this record is my lasting admiration for a few of the songs. Maybe two. When I was a single digit kid, I had the single of “Hello, Goodbye” which I thought was the perfect dumb pop single–it’s almost frightening–and I still think so, pretty much. But then on the other side of that record was “I Am the Walrus” which completely intrigued me, and maybe was frightening in a different way. I admit, I still haven’t gotten over that “yellow matter custard” business. I imagine there are entire support groups for people who were traumatized by that phrase. It should surprise no one that there is a band called Yellow Matter Custard. But really, right now, I wish I didn’t know that. Sometimes the internet makes the world seem really, really small. But of course, that’s all an illusion. Because with all that information at your fingertips, it’s still impossible to know another person, really. It’s pretty much impossible to know yourself. The internet is just a hall of mirrors. I’m really hating the world, and myself, a little bit right about now. I mean, how many hours did I spend on this glorious morning looking at designer pot and glass pipes on slowly loading, clumsy web pages? The answer is: TOO MANY.


The Beatles “Revolver”

When the question “Beatles or Rolling Stones” comes up, I say Rolling Stones without thinking, and I do admit to being an Anglophobe, though I happen to be smoking Samuel Gawith’s “Squadron Leader” RIGHT NOW. There is no way The Beatles could be anything but overrated, seeing how popular and critical opinion pretty much put them on top of every list of ALL MUSIC ever composed, played by human beings ever in recorded history. But still, I’m trying to be objective, listening to The Beatles with fresh, unbiased ears, hearing for the first time some songs that are among the most overplayed songs ever, ever, ever.

It’s impossible, of course. It’s impossible of course. I don’t even know why I’m trying. Without a doubt, “the white album” is my favorite Beatles record, and I’ll take it over everything else they recorded put together. I can still listen to it all the way through and get back that feeling I had when I first discovered it. I guess there is a nostalgia factor there, I’ll admit. There were drugs involved. But anyway, there is no white album in this collection. There is “Revolver,” which is a lot of people’s favorite, I am well aware. I can’t say I even come close to LIKING this record, though “She Said She Said” always sounds fresh to me when listening to it, though it quickly becomes stale in my mind. Pretty much all the rest of the songs sound stale even on my vintage 1970s equipment.

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