Keith Jarrett “The Survivor’s Suite”

I guess my 17 year old self must have read how awesome Keith Jarrett was, so I bought this record even though I didn’t listen to any jazz at that time–  though I was really into piano, which this dude was famous for playing– so the record starts, and– no piano! It sounds like a goddamn flute! But there is no flute in the credits. It says KJ is playing the soprano sax– could that be it? Or the bass recorder? I don’t know, but we played recorder in music class in high school. If I could play piano, I sure as fuck wouldn’t be messing around with a recorder! Okay, then– finally some piano. But what’s that? Is someone humming along? Or is that a fucking kazoo?

The cover is really intriguing– a grainy, color photo (by KJ) of some fucked up house on the edge of a lake. It’s definitely European (or white trash Christian)– it’s got a mansard roof, but a modern looking tower– I can’t tell if it’s old or new. Ten partially shuttered windows reveal nothing. But what I never noticed before is that there is a swimming pool in front! And like 16 randomly placed lawn chairs!

Side One– “Beginning”– is low key and pleasant. I like it, especially once the piano kicks in. Side Two– “Conclusion”–  they’re going nuts! But then they settle down, and so it kind of goes between Ornette Coleman and “Charlie Brown’s Christmas.”


1 Response to “Keith Jarrett “The Survivor’s Suite””

  1. 1 RumAli
    July 27, 2007 at 8:03 am

    Keith Jarrett – an enigma to me. I generally don’t like him, but his soundtrack that forms the end for Moretti’s short film “On My Vespa” (in Caro Diario) is incredible.

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