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Ja Bluezy at the Delta Lady

The murky black and white cover of this record matches its homemade sound and I mean that in a good way. The back cover looks like something much older than 1980, but that’s when it came out. The band is Paul Bouillet, singing and guitar, Max Koster, bass, and Mitch Purdy, drums. The record is pressed by Apollo Music Company, and it says it can be obtained directly by sending $6 to them at 184 Eastlawn, Detroit, Michigan. But I’d contact them first before risking that $6. A lot can change in 30 years.

Has it really been 30 years since Ja Bluezy recorded this record live at the Delta Lady in Ferndale, Michigan on March 1st and 2nd? Not that I was there, but I was a few hundred miles south in my dorm room drinking a six pack of Strohs, listening to “London Calling,” and it feels like it was yesterday. I wonder if I would have liked Ja Bluezy as much as I do now. Probably not– it’s pretty traditional guitar blues, pretty heavy on the guitar– some instrumental, some vocal– songs by Paul Bouillet and a few covers like “St. James Infirmary” and “Big Boss Man.” I like it now because it sounds live and real and it is what it is. It’s actually recorded very well. And the photograph on the cover is great, pretty much an uncomposed low contrast snapshot in a dingy atmosphere with lots of hair and beards. It kind of warms my heart.

I didn’t look too long, but I didn’t see anything in the internet world about these guys. I did see this record for sale somewhere for $250! Oh, and by the way, it came in number 126 on Rolling Stone Magazine’s top 500 records of all time. No, it didn’t, but those Rolling Stone rankings things really get on my nerves. Talk about taking the life out of something. It’s good to know there are records out there like this that haven’t been neutered in the wax museum.


Jeff Beck “There and Back”

Trying to write about these five or so Jeff Beck albums is the hardest thing I’ve ever tried to do– it’s kind of like the aural equivalent of scaling a virtually unlistenable replication of Mount Everlast or something, made especially difficult without an oxygen tank or being allowed to overuse the “W” word. This record from 1980– was ever there more deadening, time to stop reading and do the crossword puzzle, words as “this record from 1980?” (Unless it’s “this record from 1988.”)

I just checked my statcounter and my readership has fallen to ONE PERSON– who I suspect is Mr. Beck himself. Fortunately he is also checking my statcounter or we might end up in quite a “row.” Seeing how he virtually invented the sleeveless look, I suspect he still works out– something I ceased to do long, long ago, unless you count working out Lil’ Ray.

I’ve never been to the Rock’n’roll Hall of Fame, but I wonder if there is a Disney Animatronic version of a guitar store complete with the annoying customer running though every guitar cliché known to man, sponsored by Applebee’s America’s Favorite Neighborhood Grill. Free downloadable Hollywood bad girls nude wallpaper free flat tummy tips and debt counseling I found you a job! Is there a large electronic billboard like the stock market or something with the top selling records of all time, or at least the “Dark Side of the Moon” ongoing sales statistics, and the Rolling Stone greatest guitar wankers of all time, Jeff Beck currently ranked at 14 but looking to crack the top ten with continued collaborations with unlistenable contemporaries. But I like Jeff Beck, don’t get me wrong. I love the man. He doesn’t make me listen to these records, and he sure as hell isn’t the one paying me $9 an hour to review them!

One big, huge complaint. The album cover, which is simply the name in white, in stencil letters on a black background in fake leatherette (meaning it’s a fake version of a fake version of a fake version– how self-aware is that?) is one of like A MILLION record album covers (if you don’t have records and would rather hear me complain about CDs, stop reading NOW) that have an image and/or words on the cover and then some other image or words on the back cover set SIDEWAYS– that is on a 90 degree difference from the front. As record albums are SQUARE, it is hard or impossible to tell, when this happens, which side is up, and which side faces to the right, where the opening is where the record is inserted. Sometimes, even, the record goes in the top rather than the side. And sometimes, as in this case, the printing on the back is presented sideways, at least in relation to that of the cover. I’m sure the people designing the records find this playful. I find it incredibly annoying.

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