Offenbach “Gaîté Parisienne”

This is the same record that made its way into countless living rooms in 1958, onto the little built-in hifi record shelf, right? It’s this Arthur Fiedler and the Boston Pops version of Offenbach’s Gaîté Parisienne, put out by RCA records—the cover with the high kicking legs exposed in front of a shimmering red dress?—that one. If you’ve ever looked through the records at a thrift store, you’ve seen it. I guess this is the same record, put out by Camden (which is, I thought, the RCA cheapy label, but I don’t really know that for sure). Well, this is a far superior cover. This one is great. It’s the closeup of the head of presumably the same dancer, head back, eyes closed, mouth open. No doubt a similar yet different version of “sex sells.” For all I know, they have additional versions of this record with other seductively presented body parts. But anyway—I like this one—it’s actually pretty striking—you may not have another photo of woman’s face this large and clear among your entire belongings. Her teeth are so pronounced it just kind of makes you think about just how weird our teeth are. I might not listen to this again, on purpose, but I might keep it—if ever there was a record to keep for the cover and maybe hang like art.

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