Aerosmith “Draw The Line”

I guess this is Aerosmith’s 5th album, and when it came out in 1977 I had already decided that they sucked– I don’t remember why exactly, because I never DIDN’T like the two earlier records I had– though I never liked “Dream On” from their first record. I remember when “Rocks” came out, I just hated it– I don’t remember why– just because of the cover with the diamonds. Or did I actually hear it? Anyway, I don’t recall ever hearing any of this record, or ever being much aware of its existence. I think when I got into punk rock I just really cut a lot of stuff out of my world.

It starts out almost sounding like the Aerosmith I remember and liked so much. The second song, “I Wanna Know Why” is pretty good– it actually sounds a lot like something from the first solo David Johansen record from almost the same time. It goes on for too long, though, and has too many elements– and the record just goes downhill from there. Though the Joe Perry song is kind of weird; it really reminds me of that Klark Kent (Steward Copeland) song, “Don’t Care” which came out about the same time.

The first song on side two, “Kings and Queens” just totally reminds me of everything that went wrong with rock music in the 1970s and why we (punk rockers) rejected all of it. Steven Tyler and Joe Perry will be the first ones to tell you that they did too many drugs, but I don’t want to presume that drugs are the reason this sounds so bad. Maybe it was too much touring, or too much eating at Taco Bell. At any rate, most of this record is like an aural representation of constipation.

The cover, a pathetic caricature of the band by Al Hirschfeld is just really… sad. It pretty much says “end of the line.” They probably should have called this record “End Of The Line,” or R.I.P. But I love Aerosmith! I’m glad they didn’t OD and die, and I’m even glad they kept playing and recording. I just never want to see or hear this record again.


2 Responses to “Aerosmith “Draw The Line””

  1. April 21, 2008 at 11:05 am

    I don’t know anything about this album, but being a big fan of Al Hirschfeld, this was one of my favorite album covers of the 70s!

  2. May 25, 2008 at 5:32 pm

    I don’t have anything against Al Hirschfeld, I may be a fan of his, more or less– I haven’t given enough thought to say “fan”– he just seems to be there in culture as solidly as Mount Rushmore, or the Martini– no, those are bad examples. They’re putting Reagan on Mt Rushmore, and the Martini is gone completely– maybe I should say he’s like baseball, or the color blue, or beer, something like that. Anyway, that’s not my point. I felt like having your pictures drawn on an album cover by him is like saying you’re now firmly part of the establishment. Maybe it wasn’t so much in the late Seventies as it would be now, I’m not sure. And maybe by that time Aerosmith already WAS the establishment– the way cocaine was an establishment drug at that time. I mean, maybe they never were punk rock at all. But as far as pictures on album cover go, which is obviously pretty important to me, I sure like the scary, dirty ones on Get Your Wings and Toys in the Attic a lot better than this cartoon version, which to me says, “We’re safe for all consumers.”

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