Mott the Hoople

Sadly I have come to the end of my records, as I have moved out of town and left my records behind. (I was only halfway through the first of three large crates, each one in alphabetical order.) Mott the Hoople would’ve been next, but I can still write a little about them, from memory.

I got the record “Mott” when I was maybe in Jr. High– and I was immediately fascinated with it. Of course “All The Way to Memphis” is irresistible, and songs like “Violence” are just so over the top. Next was “The Hoople” which went even further with crazy songs and lyrics. Check of “Alice” if you have time. It wasn’t until years and years later (I mean 30 years!) that I got another MTH record, which was “Brain Capers”– an earlier one– and it is really pretty good– I listened to it excessively. Then I got a copy of “All the Young Dudes”– which is good– but that song!– I was already more than familiar with it, but playing it on my own, at home, on purpose, and listening intently– what a great song!

Okay, what next? Since I moved to an apartment with a roommate, and my records have not followed me here, I decided to listen to all of my roommate’s records and write about them, in alphabetical order! And there are a lot.

Then someday I’ll get back to my old records, I hope.

2 Responses to “Mott the Hoople”

  1. April 1, 2008 at 8:40 pm

    Man, Mott the Hoople! Now *there’s* a band I can *never* get anyone to admit to liking! They were pretty great at times though, for sure. MOTT is *such* a great album — the whole first side is just totally perfect. Even the slow, ‘Hymn for the Dudes’, even though it’s ostensibly pro-Christ (maybe? I’ve *never* been able to tell if it’s serious or not!), it’s just a perfect song. This album is so proto-punk too, I think — isn’t it? Sure seems like it to me. Oddly enough, this is a record that while I love the first side, for some reason, I never quite got into the second side nearly as much. Like, the first side is practically a whole complete albumic statement in itself. It has a perfect beginning, a perfect middle, a perfect end (the crazy “Violence”). Who needs any more Mott the Hoople after that? And yeah, “All The Way to Memphis” is one of the best rock songs ever, from start to finish. I actually just now got done listening to side 1 and am about to put on side 2, but looking at the jacket, the only song I can even conjure up in my mind is the first one, “Drivin Sister”, which I think may have been a little bit of a subconscious influence on the ChannelMasters’ song “Little Debbie”, since they both use the phrase “rock n roll” after mentioning the girl’s nickname or whatever in the chorus. Anyway, yeah, this is one of the best albums of the mid-70s I think! If I get any further thoughts on side two as I listen, I’ll add them..

  2. April 1, 2008 at 9:18 pm

    I agree that side one has a kind of perfection that side two doesn’t have. Like they should’ve shortened all the songs on side two and added one more good one. It’s interesting how you get– from a lot of records from the 70s and 80s a real sense of laziness. Maybe it was just drugs, or drugs, laziness, and the way things were. I don’t feel like things are necessarily better now, however, in a world of increased perfectionism, increased ambition, increased cut-throat-ness, and decreased humor.

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