LL Cool J “Bigger and Deffer”

I guess it’s because I don’t listen to much “rap” music that I am having a little trouble deciding if I like this record or I don’t. But mostly, I think it’s because it’s incredibly uneven. Ups and downs are okay, as long as the downs don’t go as low as song like “I Need Love.” Now maybe I AM missing something, because this song is just unbelievably wimpy and lame. The worst parts of the rest of the record are some of the choices of samples, like a Chuck Berry riff for “Go Cut Creator” which is just corny. But then the lyrics often save a song, and at best, they’re really funny.

There is one song, “Ahh, Let’s Get Ill” that just tells you about LL– what LL could mean, what it does mean, and what that means to you (especially if you’re a hot lady). I think I would have rather NEVER known what LL means. “Get Down” is also all about LL– but I have a definite weakness for something like a “Haystacks Calhoun” reference.

My favorite song, and the reason I even consider keeping this record, is “The Bristol Hotel”– just because it’s a solid song, the words are funny, and there is a pretty infectious base line. It’s probably that bass line, the best thing on the record. Along with the very last song, not a song, just guys talking, where they’re joking about having pulled off making a record.


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