The Knack “Get The Knack”

You get the feeling it’s all fake, played by studio musicians, a guy from Mott the Hoople, and the guy who wrote The Archies’ songs,  or maybe they’re actually Cheap Trick, or, I don’t know, a band created by that supercomputer that takes up a whole room. I just looked up their website, and they’re still together! Except for the drummer, who died. The first thing under “news” says “Doug’s cancer is in remission.” Too much fucking perspective, to quote This Is Spinal Tap, sorry!

The album cover and pics announce that THIS IS the NEW Beatles. No. I guess they would be totally forgotten if it wasn’t for “My Sharona” which isn’t even a good song. “Your Number or Your Name” is a nice pop song, and “Maybe Tonight” is a nice ballad, but that’s about it. Everything is black and white, vests and skinny ties, and in the cover band portrait Doug Fieger’s head is at least twice as big as any of the other guys’ heads, who all have help from totally styled, puffy hairdos.

The most impressive thing is the inner sleeve, all black except for a little photo of a The Knack pin. And the fan club info: Leslye & Nicole PO Box 46926 Los Angeles CA 90046. I would bet there was NO fan club, and that PO box was where some studio engineer received his pornography. But I bet whoever has that box now occasionally gets some pretty funny, way after the fact fan mail!


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