The Kinks “The Pye History of British Pop Music”

As old as I am, The Kinks were before my time, and unfortunately I never had a “rediscovery” period with them, becaue I now wish I had some of their early albums. Anyway, in 1975 something possessed me to buy this kind of greatest hits record, put out by Pye Records– complete with extensive liner notes– by “Alan Betrock”– most of which are about Pye Records.

If someone ever really invents a time machine, I think there could be no greater use of it than to go back in time and eliminate Van Halen’s cover of “You Really Got Me” so that future generations might be able to listen to The Kinks version of that song without lurid visions of those horrible rock clowns whose only achievement was to put several more nails into the coffin of rock guitar.

My favorite songs on this record are “The World Keeps Going Round” and “Where Have All The Good Times Gone” which may be overly familiar, but to actually HEAR them is very pleasurable.

The other reason to keep this record is the large color photo of the band sitting on top of a convertible Buick painted in a pop-art fashion. You’ll notice that three of the four band members are holding cigarettes.


1 Response to “The Kinks “The Pye History of British Pop Music””

  1. September 15, 2007 at 11:45 pm

    Hey I’m a big fan of the KINKS and I’m drunk, so there you go. I even forgot to post the second part of my Joy diVISion reveiwo, which I’ll still do, when I’m sober and DEPRESSED.
    Anynow I’m ynger than you but I love the kinks. Partly becaause my grade-and-hi-skule friend Craig insisted on making me listen to them for many years, and now I love htem naturally. They really are a great band, even though the only song anyon eever hears by them really is LOLa, which is a funny song, bu tnaywah.l I don’t have this album, but I have another PYE albym, I think, by them called THE GOLDEN HOUR OF THE KINKS which is actually an hour long single LP compilation of thier stuff that’s probably a lot lik e this one. The weird thing about the KInks is that, even though they came up during a time in hippie music wen you were supposed to be all rebellious and liberal and free loving and stuff, they were actually wy conservative in ways that for the times might have seemed quite backwards, but in some ways now seem to make a lot of sense. I mean, really, where HAVE all the fucking good times gone? huh? won’t someone tell me? Well, now, because they’re just fucking GONE already, right? shit.

    I dont’ know “the world keeps going round” or whtever other songs might be on this record, but in any event, it must be said that the Kinks fucking RULE WITH IRON FISTS. Or something. If you don’t have any other Kinks albums to review, I’ll be happy to drone drunkenly on here in comment after comment about their weirdness, their coolness, their sadness, the fact that they fucking move me to tears more than any other band ever, all the time, still, even, and all kinds of whatnot. Even so, I’m not the kind of indie rock fag who’d actually buy the 3-cd version of Village Green Preservation Society, sorry.

    but, no, really, sorry. I am drunk. But I do love the kInks.

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