Elton John “Caribou”

Again, “The Bitch is Back” is a song made forever unlistenable by classic rock radio. It is really funny how low budget everything about this record is– on purpose– photos in front of fake landscape backdrops– and really low quality photos, too! After that huge booklet in “Don’t Shoot Me” and the double album (with a cover that folds out like a triple album) of “Yellow Brick Road”– I’m wondering if the record company really DID want to cut costs– and these guys, having good senses of humor, made the cheapest, crappiest looking presentation possible. I guess there is probably a story there, but I’d just rather make up my own.

Maybe I’ve been too harsh on Bernie Taupin– after all, look at some of these song titles: “Pinky”, “Grimsby”, “Dixie Lily”, “Solar Prestige A Gammon” (what is that?!– you can’t argue with THOSE lyrics!), “Stinker” (apt title). Obviously he wants to be an American, but that’s okay. Unfortunately, most of this record is ashtray material, with the exception of “Don’t Let the Sun Go Down On Me.” That one is overplayed, but it seems not so much as the other hits– or maybe I just like it better– it’s a pretty great song. I suppose it must be a karaoke staple– it’s just got to be– though I don’t really know– it would take a half gallon of tequila and a stun-gun to get me into a karaoke bar.

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