Genesis “The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway”

This is really ambitious– it seems like there were some pretty inspired double albums in the 1970s, those were often a band’s best record. Lots of pictures in the fold out, looks like Cocteau movies (art by “Hipgnosis”). There is a long story inside by Peter Gabriel about “Rael.” Fuck if I’m going to read it– okay, maybe– PLUS there are extensive lyrics on the sleeves, lot’o’words– and a lot of it’s dreadful boring wanky prog rock– but there ARE some inspired moments: “The Carpet Crawlers”– good, weird song, “The Chamber of 32 Doors”– that’s the best song. The story is crap.

It’s not like Bob Dylan wouldn’t do a whole album about a guy names “Rael”– he did, several, but Rael’s name is Bob Dylan. With these guys it’s the distance that’s annoying– it’s not about THEM (which is what at least got to be more appealing about Peter Gabriel, later). It’s like– in “The Song Remains The Same”–the movie– who do you relate to? Jimmy Page, tripping by the river, or the other guys who schlep home after a hard day at the “office” with their lunch pails– “That rock’n’roll stuff is sure hard work! Honey, I’m home…”

You’ve got to love some of the titles: “The Grand Parade of Lifeless Packaging”, “Hairless Heart”, “The Supernatural Anaesthetist of Lamia”, “Riding the Scree”, “In the Rapids”, and my favorite, a “suite” of songs: “The Colony of Slippermen” which includes, “The Arrival”, “A Visit to the Doktor” and “The Raven” and “IT” (in italics!).


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