Peter Gabriel

This record from 1980 is the last one without a title, and the last of his records that I bought. Look, you do 3 solo records without a title and the same font, then eventually do one WITH a title– isn’t that like ANNOUNCING that you’ve decided to suck?

Anyway, this one still has an edge, as much as humanly possible for a guy who was in Genesis. The cover is the WAX Peter Gabriel, melting– or maybe what Peter Gabriel would look like in a nuclear war.

1980 kind of marks a time when everything seemed too new to me– and it oddly still seems new. It is the time when everything began to suck, and continues to suck to this day. 27 years of sucking! Not to pick on this record– there are some nice songs, catchy songs– but not for me.


2 Responses to “Peter Gabriel”

  1. May 15, 2007 at 8:26 pm

    Actually he had a 4th album without a title that came out in 1982, the one with Shock the Monkey on it. Unless they ended up giving that one a title in the US – the copy I have seems to be – maybe – some kind of promo maybe import version.

    Anyway, I was kind of under the impression he only did 3 without a title too, but I can only remember this one (the wax headed one) and the one with the creepy car in the rain picture, and the 1982 one, since I have that one and the wax one here. My best friend from hi-skule was into PG before I was, and had the car one, with Salsbury Hill on it, which I think is a cool song, and I think he had the other one too because I vaguely remember him doing that Exposure song too. But this wax one was the first one I bought myself, and I just now brought it up from the basement and am thinking about playing it maybe. But I can’t right now because my roommate is playing a bunch of stuff by the Fall on the computer right now.

    But looking at the song titles on this, I can really vividly remember hearing it back in the 80s and thinking it was pretty cool.. I know what you mean about it seeming really NEW at the time – it really kind of seemed partly “of” the sort of ‘new-wave’ (or ‘post-punk’ as we now know in retrospect to call some of that stuff..) stuff I was listening to then, but also a bit beyond it, a bit on a higher level, more advanced or something too. And now it just seems to be a part of the Classic Rock legacy somehow, just like the Cars do, even though at the time, the Cars were like the epitomy of New Wave. I was at a bar with a 29-year old dude this past weekend who kept throwing up his hands and saying “WHAT is NEW WAVE?? What does that MEAN??” and he’s someone who like claims to be into cool hipsterish underground music like the Decemberists and that. Me, being the calm cool elder statesman at the table calmly enumerated, “New Wave Is: The Cars..” – he interrupted and said, “..But I thought they were just Classic Rock, like some kind of R&B or something..” to which I could only roll my eyes and hold in derisive laughter, and continue.. ” – DEVO; the Talking Heads, Blondie..” But yeh, there’s no doubt that at the time, this record was definitely geared toward that not-ever-quite-all-that-lucrative New Wave market.. Actually, I’m really looking forward to listening to this now. Oh, and yeah, I always kind of thought it was ‘Peter Gabriel in a nuclear war’.

    What was his first titled LP? Do you have that one? I sure don’t. But I have this Shock the Monkey one, which was one insane video when it first came out.

  2. June 8, 2007 at 3:39 pm

    You’re right, that fourth one didn’t have a title either, at least the UK version. The US version did: “Security.” I don’t have that one. By that time, I guess I had had enough of Mr. Gabriel.

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