Dire Straits

Another record from 1978– that was some year for records! This seemed to come out of nowhere– and for a first album, it sounded like the band had been around for years and knew exactly what they were doing. Everything else I was listening to at the time was punk, but this sounded totally fresh and new (you have to try to imagine a world without having had to endure years and years of Knopfler). Why does he sing, “walking WIT your wild best friend,” instead of WITH? Is that just one of those rock things?

Okay, the only reason this record is still around (in my house) is because THE FIRST TIME I HEARD IT was while driving, either to or from FLORIDA, a senior in high school, on SPRING BREAK, in the car, the whole album being played ON THE RADIO, in the MIDDLE of the NIGHT, DRIVING. So there’s quite a feeling of ocean and orange groves and cheap rum and Passport Scotch associated with this record, for me, and anything with that kind of inception is going to have somewhat of a nostalgic, magical quality, for all time.

There are a few songs I like okay still, actually, and a few I never want to hear again. I’m kind of wondering about the drummer– his first name is “Pick.” What’s with that? The one guy in the band not playing a guitar. Were they trying to do a ZZ Top thing? (The drummer, sporting only a moustache, named “Beard.”)


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