The Dickies “Dawn of the Dickies”

This is the 1980 record by this LA, wall of sound, cartoon power pop band– pretty catchy, but pretty dismissible. I listened to it a lot, but now there are some songs that I NEVER want to hear again. Song after song of high energy punk-pop and those snotty vocals gets old. Though similar, they’re missing something that the Ramones had, though I can’t figure out quite what.

There are some really great songs on this album though, like “Infidel Zombie”– and some great titles– “(I’m Stuck in a Pagoda with) Tricia Toyota” and “I’ve Got a Splitting Hedachi.” This album has a zombie theme– the cover is the band being attacked by zombies. One guy, I think it’s a guy in the band, and not a zombie, looks exactly like Freddie Mercury! And who’s the woman with the blue zombie face? What’s she doing now? I bet SHE has a copy of this record! Anyway, they’re still together– some form of the band anyway– and still playing.

The last song, “She Loves Me Not,” sounds like it COULD be the Ramones– I was listening to it thinking, why do those guys sing the word “me” as “my?” That thought made me remember Keith Busch giving Jerry Ramone, the singer for The High Plains Drifters, a hard time about singing the word “me” as “moi.” “Moi moi moi moi,” Keith would say– taunting him. I can still hear him.

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