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The Clash “Sandinista!”

1980 feels like the end of the world to me, and this feels like a post-Clash album. A lot of it is nearly unlistenable, sloppy noodling, but I would never get rid of this record, and every so often I listen to it all the way through, all six sides! My favorite way to think about it is: my friend Elissa said she thought there should be a tribute band called Sandinista! who just play the songs on this record. I imagine them playing it in order, maybe taking a break after every 12 songs, playing a regular night somewhere, doing the same songs in the same order week after week. I’d go every week! I’m sure a lot of other people would, too.

The song “Lose This Skin” struck me in an odd way—I think I heard it recently somewhere but I’m not sure where, like in a movie soundtrack. But I don’t know where. A few other really good songs: “The Leader,” “Kingston Advice,” and “The Street Parade.”


The Clash “London Calling”

From 1979, this is The Clash’s third terminal album in a row. This one REALLY feels like the end! It’s an irresistible record because they sound like they’re having so much fun that you feel like you’re in the band! But for the most part, it’s pretty soft, bordering on mushy. They’re too much in love—with their music, music they like, the USA, drugs, maybe, themselves maybe (Mick Jones), with dancing, with women. I guess you can hardly blame them, they were such a hot band at this point. A lot of people put this record in their top ten of all time. Whenever I think of it, partly due to nostalgia, I guess, I always have a warm feeling about it, and I think it’s my favorite Clash record. But then I actually listen to it and realize it’s my least favorite (of the first three). There’s not a single enduring song.

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