Blue Oyster Cult “On Your Feet Or On Your Knees”

I could never get over how cheesy and badly done the cover to this 1975 live album is—but it’s really FUNNY—and I’ve kept it for that reason— because it’s unlistenable. Well, maybe except for “Last Days of May,” where you’re supposed to get all emotional over the fate of some drug dealers who get abducted by aliens or something. And also, the part before one song where the guy says, “I’d like to thank my friends who gave me this little whip. It’s really lovely and I’ll cherish it forever.” Hilarious! Real inspiration for SPINAL TAP. I saw BOC at the Richfield Coliseum around this time, and it didn’t help that I had a terrific headache from some bad pot I bought from a sleazy hippie and was sitting in the rafters, but seeing the one guitarist do that little half-hearted foot kick during a guitar solo, I kind of wrote them off right then. Plus, they were following ZZ Top who was the loudest band I’ve ever heard, and had LIVE COWS come up on either side of the stage on risers! Talk about a hard act to follow!


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