Blue Oyster Cult “Agents of Fortune”

No human being can possibly listen to “The Reaper” ever again, but this album has quite a few songs I actually LIKE, such as ETI, which is catchy and funny. I mean, I never really know whether to take any of their lyrics seriously, but apparently in 1976 I did, and wrote to some kind of fan club, because there are some badly dot-matrix printed on green and white stripe computer paper LYRICS stuck into the album cover! I mean, that was probably pretty scifi-ish at the time. Maybe I should donate them to the R&R HOF. The cover folds out to a huge picture of the band wearing tuxes, playing roulette on the surface of the Moon. Apparently, the Moon had some pretty major hair salons, because check out those PERMS!


1 Response to “Blue Oyster Cult “Agents of Fortune””

  1. November 17, 2006 at 12:55 pm

    I can’t really comment on BOC because I never had any of their records or really ever liked them much. I have to agree about “The Reaper” though.

    The last I heard of BOC was sometime in like the eaerly 90s or so. They were scheduled to play in some little bar/restaurant in Richmond Mall in Richmond Heights, an eastern Cleveland suburb. At least it wasn’t a rib fest..

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